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D&E EXPO on Friday, June 10th from 14.00-17.00 in the Student House of Tallinn University of Technology(Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn). Five brand new and innovative prototypes – Fiready, Mistlet, Campable, ReWash and Laundron – are waiting to be explored.


/ Magdalena Ataman, Marlot Johanna Blaak, Neriman Asli Atalay, Roosi Keva

Fiready is an innovative, all-inclusive system that uses technology to simplify the work of  firefighters. The system includes intelligent breathing apparatuses for firefighters and a tablet for the commander.

Fiready is a system that enables fire crews to work more efficiently, thanks to improved information and communication. It gives firefighters the tools to be more secure, independent and safer during calls, and provides commanders with the oversight and intel they need.


/ Veiko Salumäe, Anette Sepp, Karel Reisko, Denizay Apusoglu

Mistlet is the future of fire safety in kitchens. At first it looks like an ordinary vent above the stove, but behind the scenes it does so much more. If the food catches fire, Mistlet detects it and extinguishes it quickly and neatly with a water mist. It also has a smoke detector, flame detector and movement sensor, which gives you a relaxed experience while cooking. Start cooking safely today with Mistlet!


/ Anne Stahl, Basaran Cabuk, Holger Mets

Campable is a contemporary way to experience nature. This on-demand service invites urbanites into the world of camping to explore nature with ease.  
By simplifying the process in which you find your perfect spot, providing essential luxuries and a new way in which you interact with your surroundings, your nature experience can be safe and worry-free.


/ Merle Randmäe, Tõnis Voitka, Elisa Männisalu

Portable washing module ReWash is designed for crisis areas where the water supply is limited. The ReWash handwash and shower system purifies water and utilises ReLaDe's reusable laundry detergent to keep the whole system closed and to provide a positively sustainable and eco-friendly solution. This minimises the stress on access to clean water, and camp workers and medical personnel can provide better care to people in need.


/ Joel Kotsjuba, Rainer Lepik, Hadi Alavi

Laundron is an automated washing station for net-Zero Energy residential buildings. It saves energy and water, and provides convenient laundering through time savings.



Master's thesis preview: Please Look After This for Me


This thesis is an investigation into the informal storage and stewardship of others belongings

inspired by my personal experience. Whilst research exists on shared objects and collective

ownership there is little focus or dedicated research on informal storage and stewardship of

others possessions despite its ubiquity.

Through research on material attachment, object management and interaction from multidisciplinary

theoretical and ethnographic perspectives I have identified key insights into what influences the

intentional and unintentional separation of belongings from their owners and act of looking after


The findings articulate the process and emotional aspects of storing possessions with others and

reveal the scale of the informal storage system. These insights provide the opportunity to

influence the experience now and in the future as we transition to a more nomadic and digital


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Please look after this for me.

An investigation into the informal storage and stewardship of

others belongings. Exploring the intentional and unintentional

separations of belongings from their owners and act of looking

after them. Providing a new perspective on our relationships with

objects and the role they play in our lives.


Master's thesis preview: Raptor


Owning a Motocross/Enduro motorcycle creates unique obstacles for users. Primarily, that these types of bikes are not street legal, and therefore users must utilise an additional vehicle for transportation of the bike between the garage and the track. This ‘practical’ thesis explores this issue, and related issues, within the context of existing solutions. Design methodologies are used to conduct research, whose outcomes inform the final product design solution.

RAPTOR is a multifunctional system for transportation and service of Motocross/Enduro motorcycles. Concept has potential to become the only multifunctional stand available today that can effectively transport, service and store a Dirt bike.

RAPTOR enables the user to get:
- Quick and secured fastening of the motorcycle.
- Solution for vehicles with platform (Van, Trailers, Pickups)
- Fastening the motorcycle by just one person with low energy consumption.
- Simple design, Durable construction, Cheap production cost
- Reducing quantity of special devices and tools, which user have to take to the track, by adding multi functionality.

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